RGSG, Inc. Services

Safe International Travel Escort (SITE) Service

Travel with peace of mind while one of our ‘Professional International Travel Safety Experts’ oversees your safety. Our professionals are trained and experienced in advance threat recognition and personal protection, enabling them to steer you clear of potentially dangerous or compromising situations with minimal impact on your freedom of movement. In fact, in all but the most extreme circumstances you will enjoy your travels without knowing how our services were discreetly applied to maximize your personal safety.

NOTE: This is NOT an armed ‘bodyguard’ service. The truth of that matter is, two-fold: First, legally obtaining guns and necessary permits in foreign countries is nearly impossible in most cases. This often leads protective details to rely on a local ‘licensed’ service. The problem is, of course, allowing ‘un-vetted’ host country nationals with unknown allegiances access to you and your travel plans. Second, and most important, although rarely necessary, guns can become a ‘crutch’ that falls under the category of ‘most extreme circumstances’. The point is, in this business, if the guns come out, more than likely your safety professional has already failed in his/her job. At Ronin Global Safety Group, Inc., our goal is to “keep” you out of danger/trouble, as opposed to “getting” you out of an already bad situation. We accomplish this through expert planning, preparation, training and experience.”

Safe Travel Advance Service

“In the realm of personal safety, advance knowledge is paramount.”
Everyone knows to do some research before heading overseas to an unfamiliar location. But, if the guidebooks won't suffice, and you'd rather have real-time up to the minute safety information, contact RGSG, Inc. and let us do the groundwork for you. Our professionals will travel to your destination in advance of your trip and gather current actionable intelligence regarding your personal safety.

This includes, but is not limited to:
-Conducting a safety survey of all intended sites to be visited.
-Recommended route selection.
-Local transport options.
-Identifying emergency locations/procedures.
This service can be combined with our Safe International Travel Escort Service, allowing you to focus on the business at hand, while RGSG, Inc. maintains your personal safety posture.

International Envoy Service

In the conduct of international business, it often helps to have a "man on the ground".  But occasionally, it isn't feasible for an executive or even an employee to fill this role.  RGSG, Inc. offers an "outside the box" solution to this unusual problem through our International Envoy Service.  Our professionals stand ready to travel anywhere on the globe to carry out business on your behalf.  As your personal envoy, we will conduct your business to your specifications with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Contact RGSG, Inc. today and let us do the "hard things" for you, while you manage the operation from the safety of your office.

Special Projects

If  you need assistance with personal or professional business overseas that isn't addressed in our other services, contact RGSG, Inc. to find out how we may be able to help.