“Enabling safe travel worldwide”

The world has always had its share of ‘dangerous places’, but for the most part, those ‘places’ were well known and easily avoided, while still maintaining a robust travel life. However, as we begin the twenty-first century, the lines between ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ travel destinations have been blurred by terrorism and violent crime. We can no longer rely on a ‘first world’ designation as an indicator of safety. In fact, the United States sits on the leading edge of the ‘first world’ and some of its cities rival the so-called ‘third world’ in their respective crime rates.

Who Needs RGSG, Inc.

The Leisure Traveler

Nothing can ruin the vacation of a lifetime faster than being victimized by criminal or terrorist activity. Being an ‘experienced’ traveler, doesn’t necessarily mean you are a ‘safe’ traveler. Everyone is ‘safe’ right up to the point they are first victimized. If you want to enjoy your vacation with the added peace of mind provided by Ronin Global Safety Group, Inc. contact us here.

The Business Traveler

The global economy has broadened the horizons of the modern business traveler. Even with the advances in communication technology, many businesses still strive to promote a ‘human’ element in their negotiations and proceedings. This often necessitates business travel on a global scale. As a valuable asset to your company, you deserve to travel safely and focus on the business at hand.

In addition to travel safety, the business traveler now faces a dedicated foreign counter-intelligence threat. That is, host country or third country intelligence services targeting foreign business travelers in order to obtain intellectual property and other proprietary information. You don’t have to be travelling with ‘state secrets’ to be targeted by a foreign intelligence service. Aside from government sponsored efforts, competitive private sector companies also benefit from industrial espionage. Either way, the potential economic loss to your business can be enormous. If you are looking for an added measure of safety while conducting business overseas, contact Ronin Global Safety Group, Inc. here.